5 signs you need a new job?

By | November 19, 2016
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Working a average 40 hours a week takes up one third of your conscious life, any overtime or extra hours are giving you very little time to yourself.
Why spend all that time doing something you don’t love or enjoy. Here are 5 SIGNS YOU NEED A NEW JOB!

 1. Your job just isn’t paying the bills! (Obvious but True)

19.3 million people in the United Kingdom alone experienced POVERTY at some point or other between the years 2010 and 2013, but a good percentage of these people were working full time with incomes, this being classed as WORKING POVERTY

Why be a statistic? Don’t get comfortable!

Stuggling to pay bills

2. Thought of Going to Work Turns your Stomach!

Horrible boss, the dreaded compute to work, stupid hours, or just sick at the sight of the place.

Many people suffer from work related stress most don’t even realise that they have it, if you are suffering from symptoms such as bad anxietyregular head aches, chest pains or even weight changes see your G.P, these all could be linked to stress due to hating your working environment.

If this is the case hand in your notice!

Hate Work

3. No Personnel Life.

Don’t let your career be the regret of your personnel life, you only live once and I don’t see the point in living it at work, unless its something you love, but then you wouldn’t be reading this post.

If your having to work long hours to make ends meet but have no time for yourself or family why not try something on the side, a small earner, something that doesn’t take up much of your quality time but reduces your WORKING HOURS!

Click here for a bit of inspiration!

Working all hours

4. No Relationship with Work Colleagues.

At any place of work for anybody working around a number of people there is always that someone who you dislike, just a simple personality clash or even stupid little habits that you find in people that grind on you.

But if your in a work place full of people like this, or just straight up bullies, or maybe there is numerous people you know for a fact dislike you, its time to ask the question is this really worth the hassle for the pay check?

Maybe your not a people person or even if you fancy a career where your the boss click here!


5. Company is heading for the gutter!

Is your company struggling to bring in work, maybe your industry is in a recession, redundancy are taking place, secret closed door meeting are a regular occurrence, work force is unhappy, the signs are written on the wall that you haven’t got long. You need to be looking quick before you get CAUGHT OUT!

Try a career change.


The World is Changing.

In the industry you work in, what is your target audience and how big is it? Does this make you confidONLINEent enough that you will be continuous employment? Does the industry bring in much revenue? If so does this reflect on the employees salaries?

The point I’m trying to get at is, having a money stream coming from the internet these days is the way the world is heading, you have billions of people online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, literally everywhere in the world people have their heads buried in their phones, everyone is LOGGED ON!

Why not be a part of it and capture the biggest target audience in the world.

If so and want to get started with a new career, click here.

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