Hi my name is Sam Birch, I have been making a living from the internet for couple of years now and have come across a lot of various ways of how to make a income source. Founder of WebAffiliatesScams

The thought of working from home appeals to me, having a family and having worked away from home for a lot of time, the opportunity to settle down and work my own hours is rewarding, to myself and for my family.

The reason for making this website is to give people a insight into money opportunities within the internet from behind your own laptop.

I have been conned in the past, fell for many scams and handed my money over when I was short of cash and gained nothing in return, this website will expose these scams and highlight real legitimate money makers.

Want this website to be informative, here to help people, achieve goals of making real money through the internet, here you will be giving the opportunities without being taken for your money.

Wish you the best in your new business adventure!

Many Thanks

Sam Birch – Founder of WebAffiliateScams.