How to Build a Website for Free and Make Money!

Building a Website

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There are many things to consider when you enter the first plan to set up your own website/business. There are many different questions that need to be answered also.

  • How to build a website for free online?
  • Is the website program chosen user friendly and easy to setup?
  • Will there be training provided to get the business up and running?
  • How much does the training cost?
  • What domain names are available for my website?
  • What tools are readily available with the website?
  • What companies/programs are in the market that can provide such a service?

All the above are things to consider when moving into the initial phase of creating a online business.

Finding a Program that Provides Training to Market My New Business?

Finding a program or host who can help you setup your online business can be tricky, there are many different companies offering great deals but in short you want the whole package, someone who can provide and answer the questions above.

You want a service that can provide –

  • Free websites
  • Tools and training.
  • Pre prepped/ and live training from experts within the trade.
  • Companies that can get your website noticed.
  • Get you a low cost .com domain name.
  • Great easy to use tools to help get your website ranked.
  • Community willing to help you when you become stuck.
  • Program that anyone can use, from newbies to experts.
  • No hidden costs.

There are many companies offering deals that are to good to be true, don’t get persuaded by false advertisement, and supposed thousands made over night, these people are con artists wanting to take your money and give nothing on return.

A genuine company I found to date and use myself is Wealthy Affiliate.


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Why Wealthy Affiliate?

Well lets talk cost as this is the first and foremost thing that anyone would consider. Most providers will try and hide the costs and hit you with hidden fees once your a member, but here isn’t the case.

Starter Membership = $0 (Free)

With this you get –

  • 2 free websites
  • Personnel help from thousands of people within the Wealthy Affiliate community.
  • Topic discussions to get you over common problems when building online business.
  • 24hr help and support.
  • Easy to use WordPress websites.
  • Free training
  • Tutorials
  • Everything you need to get your business up and running.

starter mebership

Premium Membership = $47 a month/ $359 Yearly

  • $19 for your first month, if you sign up within the first month of being a starter member.
  • 50 websites.
  • Website security package.
  • Live training.
  • Access to the all the premium training.
  • 1 on 1 coaching.
  • Absolutely tons of cools stuff to make you an expert in the trade.

The only other cost I would like to add would be your domain name, you can however choose a free domain name for your company, but if you want a .com at the max it is going to cost you $15.99.

That is all the cost there is, no other hidden extras, that’s all the cards out on the table.

My thoughts behind Wealthy Affiliate success is its honest and the value for money and training you get. Your not going to get rich over night but if you stick to the training and coaching provided you will get there.

The tools that Wealthy Affiliate uses to create your site is WordPress, Wealthy Affiliate provide the training, give you knowledge to get your website seen, ranked within google, therefore generating people viewing your site, equalling to sales, help you leverage your traffic, generating/multiplying your customers.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is an easy tool, very user friendly, and has everything you need for a newbie to an expert to get your online website out there with a professional look.

With your WordPress site you get –

  • 1400 templates to choose from
  • Can upgrade to your own domain name, as mentioned above.
  • No ads are displayed.
  • Good rankings within google.
  • Free hosting.
  • No ads are displayed.
  • Can generate lots of traffic.
  • Comes fully equipped with plugins.
  • Free support and help.

As mentioned above your domain name at that max if you go for a .com is going to cost you $15.99, this is a yearly fee, prices do vary but wont be more than the price stated.

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How can I get started?

If you are sceptical just signup as a starter member this completely free and see for yourself what all the hype is about.This is the best place for building your website for free, try the free membership and get started building your a online business today!

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