How to check website ranking on google?

By | October 13, 2016


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Getting a website ranked within google can be frustrating to say the least, there are many questions that need answering, for instance-

  1. How can you get ranked within google?
  2. How to attract visitors to your site?
  3. How to check website ranking on google?
  4. Learn how to market your website?

How to get website ranked within google?

Google will down rank your website for the slightest thing if you don’t keep on top of it, from keywords to content and website activity, these are the fundamentals to ranking your site within google.


Depending on your website and how you establish your content can be the making or breaking of your website, one of the key ways is to not over sell, especially if you sell by blogging, google will class your site as spam, not ranking your website at content

Links can be DETRIMENTAL to your site, attaching to many links to keywords, pictures or anything you maybe attaching them to, to take your visitor to another page to sell can have a devastating effect on your ranking, also making your website look like spam.

Making engaging useful content is the key, providing informative information without having to sell everything under the sun ranks your site. This in turn engaging the customer, nothing worse than coming onto site with a million different flashing pops ups in your face before being able to view what you set see. Yes you maybe attracting visitors but you are NOT CONVERTING!


The keywords you use can rank your pages or posts, take for instance your title, say the one on this blog “How to check your website ranking on google“. Now you need to research your keywords and titles, how many other people are using this keyword? This being your competition.

How many people are actively searching this in google each month?  How many of these active searches are turning into to visitors to sites?

search engine optimization

Don’t try and compete with keywords that are high in visitors but have very high competition, find a keyword with low competition and medium conversion rates. High competition means you will find it HARD TO RANK your pages on the 1st page of google and establish yourself.

If you want to learn more about keywords and activity and how to market them for free click here.


Website Activity

Website activity ranks your site in Google, attracting visitors, people leaving comments and asking questions to your posts adds to higher rankings scoring your website.

How to check your website is doing well within google?

Google Analytics.

Google Analytics lets you monitor your website, from rankings, to your traffic, to visitors. This is an extremely useful tool, anyone with a website or business should use this, it could the difference from creating visitors and turning them to CUSTOMERS!

Learn how to market your website properly.

On this post I have given you basic fundamentals to running your site, but if you want to learn more for free to get the absolute most from your site, as in attracting more customers, get higher rankings then click the link.

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4 thoughts on “How to check website ranking on google?

  1. Ammie

    I am a member of WA. I am just getting started but from what I can tell in my rookie experience your website looks very good. The only thing I thought looked little off was the question marks in your top menu. Do I need those in mine? Keep up the good work.

    1. Sam Birch Post author

      Thanks for the comment, no you don’t necessarily need question marks in your title for your pages, but my title is a question, through which I answer on my page. Its entirely up to you on your title choice some people would prefer a short sentence or keywords of what their post is about. Thanks again Sam Birch

  2. Kameron

    Thank you for the confirmation on how I’m handling my blog site.

    Can I ask, though, if I have links within my content, that don’t sell something, but allow the visitor to cross-reference my own perspective, will that damage my ranking?

    Thanks again.

    1. Sam Birch Post author

      Hi Kameron,

      Do you mean links within your content that take the visitor to other pages or post within your site (Back links)?
      If this is so,this will increase your ranking, as it will show google that your site is active and users are navigating throughout your web pages and posts, which is good. But adding links that have Affiliate codes attached to them taking visitors to other website you are promoting to buy products, this really should not be over used within your pages or posts as this will have a opposite effect.

      I hope this helps.

      Many Thanks
      Sam Birch


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