Is the Brit Method a Scam?

By | February 19, 2017

Jason Taylor

The Brit Method created by Jason Taylor is based on Binary Options Trading.

Binary Options trading is basically a form of stocks & shares trading, but very risky.  A lot of these new trading and existing binary options platforms are operated by non regulated brokers, which doesn’t protect the user and the platform can not be investigated by a legal board.

Basically Binary Options trading is where a user will invest into a stock or share, if the share goes up from the original price it was bought at the investor takes a profit from this. To short a stock is the opposite of buying, you trade against the stock, and if the share price falls you make money.Brit Method Logo

In the ordinary stock market you buy stocks let them mature and sell them once you make money, or sell them if you start losing them. But the twist with Binary options trading is you invest into a share over a time period, time periods as short as 60 seconds to a week, within this time you can’t sell, you have to ride it out, and see if you win or lose, its gambling, not stocks and shares.

Other things to watch out for are using binary options automated robots, which automatically pick trades with the investors money. The binary options platforms will more than likely insist that you use their automated robots systems, that are +90% accurate, and generate investor thousands of pounds per day. These are systems of conning you out of your money.

Binary Options trading is seen and established in some countries as gambling and has been banned.

To learn more about Binary Options see my review.

Why is the Brit Method a Scam?

Upon signup for the Brit Method you watch a clip of fake actors who have made thousands of pounds from the system, these people are POOR actors at best! Claims of big bank accounts, their trading accounts are just staking up with minutely profits.

brit method

Then the offer of a free subscription, with no credit cards, fees, or any other hidden costs to use this money making systems which could be generating you thousands within the next 60 minutes.

Then scroll down the pages and read lots of made up testimonials and user comments.

The Automated Brit Method system claims to be up to 97% accurate, placing trades for the investor while they sit back and do nothing as the system does all the work for them.

So entering your email and starting the Brit Method account, you have to make a initial deposit of $350 to be able to start trading and start using the automated brit method system, once this deposit is made, the system that is promised to make you money is no where to be seen, because it has never been made!

I have since seen this site operating under, and it may be operating under many different other wordings for its domain name because has probably been shut down.

Also this supposed Jason Taylor is operating in many other different countries and has adjusted is company to fit, Brit Method also known as the Aussie Method (Australia), Canuck Method (Canadian) and Saffa Method (South African).

Here is a pic of some of the fake money earned by Jason’s so called users.

Brit method payouts



6 thoughts on “Is the Brit Method a Scam?

  1. Arooj

    I really do not know what type of investment and earning is that. I heard about the stock market, commodity market etc but never heard about binary options. Can you let me know just what the binary option is? meaning?

  2. Ronnie

    You are right. Too much like gambling. I don’t know much about stocks and all but this certainly lets me know I don’t want anything to do with the Binary options game. Thanks for the education.


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