My Review of Jaaxy – A Keyword Research Tool.

By | March 20, 2017

Product – Jaaxy Keyword research tool.Jaaxy Logo


Rating – 9 out of 10


Keyword research tools are vital for marketing a business online, getting a website noticed and a audience attracted to it is key to success.

There are many elements to creating a great website, from content creation, niche market, and keywords, this just being a few aspects to get your website traffic.

The online world is developing everyday, with well over 3 billion users that have access to the internet, this is some target audience, not even some of the worlds biggest and most popular companies in the world can create. But it is here now ready for any Joe Bloggs to tap into.

One vital step in any business is to capture your target audience, with the birth of Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, internet users use this as the hub of any navigation through their online searches, this opening information for the online marketer to use and capture their intended customers.

This all done through the power of Keywords.

Why can Keywords be a Powerful Tool to Unlock Success for your Business?

As I said before keywords are vital to capture your target audience. Knowing what your niche audience is entering into the search bar of Google gives you the bones of what to create your content around.


You also want to be able to understand your keywords, and how competitive they are, what amount of traffic they will bring to your site, how many visitors you could expect to see if you rank in the first pages of google for that particular keyword.

For example, my title for my post is “My Jaaxy Review – A Keyword Research Tool”.

Before writing this I did my homework, a knew exactly how competitive the keyword was, the average number of searches it got per month, how good my keyword quality was, how much traffic I could recieve if my page ranked on the first page of google, how well the keyword holds against SEO in terms of the competition and rank ability.

Once you know all this information you can cherry pick your keywords, use them to your advantage, and get your website ranked quicker and faster through simple research.

But plucking these statistic doesn’t come out of thin air, you need a good accurate keyword research tool.

What are the Benefits of a Keyword Research Tool?

Benefits of Keyword Research tool are simple, and that is to get your business ahead of the competition and attract customers.

No point in creating content stabbing in the dark, this is detrimental and can have negative impact to the time and effort you put in. You want to know you are getting the best out of your time.

No successful company doesn’t do their research on their audience, it goes for the same for your business. I don’t want to create a post that has well over 500 people already competing for the exact keyword, non the least if I where to rank and was only converting a audience of two people per month, not worth the hassle.

You want to find a diamond in the rough.

diamond keyword

A keyword that hasn’t been tapped yet, doesn’t have much competition, if any, and is converting regular visitors each month. Along with your content creation you can be making them visitors into potential customers, which in turn makes money.

Research is a big game for many of the big companies some spending billions a year on R&D projects from Big names such as Apple. Investing so much into research is why Apple is a king pin within the consumer electronics and computer hardware industries.

I am in no way saying you should be spending all your hard earned income on research and development, but just underlining the fact of how important it is to move a business forward.

End of the day the customer knows best and if you know what the customer wants then your ahead of the game.


What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is your all in one keyword research tool. With many features to keep your business ahead of the competition.kyle and carson

Jaaxy was created by the same people who brought you Wealthy Affiliate, (Kyle and Carson).

Wealthy Affiliate already known as the home of affiliate marketing these guys know what they are doing when it comes to the online marketing world.

This extensive experience flows down into their research tool, easy to understand and very user friendly, the creators have invented a proper research tool for people like you and I, making the keyword research tool effective and hassle free.

Jaaxy collects its research from all the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

When creating content within your niche you want to gather as much data as possible without having it take up much of your valuable time.

The great thing about this tool is it is simple and easy to use.

Simply type in your keyword and results from the search engines will appear, detailing all the vital information as mentioned above. Clearly detailed and easy to navigate you can cherry pick keywords and have you creating your next bit of content in no time, knowing your ahead of the competition.

Jaaxy Features Explained

Here I want to take this time to explain some of the features within Jaaxy and what they do.

Firstly though, here is a screenshot of the layout from the Jaaxy search bar and what your searches will look like, I will explain the elements below.


Avg (Average)This represent the monthly searches that this particular keyword is receiving within the search engines. So this is the traffic that this keyword generates.

Don’t feel as if you need to jump all over a keyword with a large number of monthly searches, compare this against the competition, no point in chasing a keyword with high competition if you struggle to get ranked for it.

If you have the option to grab keywords with low competition but with not as many monthly searches why not chase this, you will have more chance of converting with higher success.

TrafficThis indicator is the amount of traffic that people are receiving on the first pages for this exact keyword, this is a good indicator.

Giving you a good idea of what the keyword is worth if you rank for this. When looking at this number though think of how much of that number you can capture, at the end of the day if you rank number 1 for that keyword you have more chance, a lot more than number 2. As I said before your chances will be greatly improved if you chase the less competitive ones.

QSRWelcome to the competition, this is one to watch out for when planning as mentioned above.

The lower the number the better, anything over 300 is very competitive. Aim low on this feature and try and get a high average search, these two together will give you your diamond.

KQI  Quality keyword indicator, google will down rank for poor quality keywords.

SEOThe SEO score is based on the number searches vs the competition, the higher the number the more likely you are to rank for this keyword.

Other Amazing Features!

The above features explained where your bread and butter of the keyword research tool, but Jaxxy has much more to offer, features that can have you knowing exactly how your competition is ranking in the top spots in the search engines, knowing this data will give you the answer of what is expected of your content to achieve first place rankings for your keyword.

Seeing how your website and content are ranking is vital to fine tune your mistakes, knowing what works and what doesn’t can have you succeeding in the future.

Here are the other amazing stuff explained.

Alphabet Soup?

The power of google itself is getting stronger, with the birth of Google Instant, users can experience prompted suggestions when entering a keyword into the search bar of google. This not only making a greater and more productive experience for google users but people like us can also capitalise on this.

With the use of google instant and some help from Jaaxy we can make the most from our keywords. Here’s how –

Google instant

Here is googles prompting suggestions from my chosen keyword adding a longer tail to try and predict my input from previous search data of other visitors.

Google will prompt with the most popular searches entered for this keyword. Here I will use “earn money online” in the Jaaxy alphabet soup tool.

Jaaxy Aplhabet soup

Here Jaxxy has gave me more suggestions under the earn money online keyword with some long tail keywords to chose from. Here I can target a specific element of my keyword with good searches and low competition stats.

Jaaxy is giving me different elements, angles in which to try and attack the keyword from, with using variants of it, we can try and capture a more narrowed down audience and have more chance of ranking but at the same time still competing under the meat of the keyword “earn money online”.

Search Analysis?

This is a great feature for me one that I use every time when choosing a keyword. The search analysis lets you spy on your competition for the exact keyword you want to rank for. basically giving all you the information you need to know to get your content noticed.

jaaxy search analysis

Here for demonstration I have deleted the website URL.

The image above shows a long tail keyword I chose from my list. Now I want to spy on my competition and see how they are getting ranked on the fist page of the search engines. With a 6611 word count on the website post and 13300 backlinks throughout the site, Alexa rating of 937 and over 162 links on the site this gives me a idea of what I must achieve to land myself on the first page.

Site Ranking!

Site ranking tool is great for letting you know how your website and content are doing within the search engines.

site rankingHere is a review I wrote and have been keeping a eye on, by simply typing in the keyword of my content and my websites URL I can keep reviewing how my reviews are doing within the likes of Google.

Jaaxy will automatically find your content and let you know its position and page, I can come back to this and see if my position has moved, here mine has moved up 57 positons since I last looked.

Here is a thing,  the more trusted your site becomes the more you will naturally rank within the search engines, keep creating content and let Google know who you are.

So how much does Jaxxy Cost?

Jaxxy is free. Free sign up gives the user 30 free keyword searches and access to some of the great tools that are on offer. 30 searches can reveal some of the diamond keywords and unlock potential to lots of traffic. Anyone owning a website these days cant afford to miss out on such a opportunity which would otherwise be costing you money.

I use Jaaxy for all my online keyword searches, I find it the key link, the king pin to my business, without it I would be lost, literally!


Earn a Income or More Searches from Jaaxy!

As a member of Jaaxy you have the option to promote this amazing keyword research tool, which isn’t hard as it sells itself being one of the leaders on the market.


For every member you get to sign up for a free membership, you will earn another additional 10 searches. Imagine 10 free memberships = 100 free searches on top of the 30 you already have.

When joining Jaaxy you will see a tab saying “Affiliate Programs” this is where you can grab your affiliate link to start promoting the product.

Also if a member decides to sign up for the full membership you can be earn reoccurring commissions on this, real money! Every member that signs up for the $19 a month you will receive $8 of this every month for the life time of the member.

Pro vs Enterprise Membership.

Here is a chart to give you an idea what you get from the memberships at Jaaxy.

Jaaxy pricing chart

Jaaxy has all bases covered, look if your new to the game, starting with the free membership will be more than enough, this will give you the information you need to be competing effectively within the search engines, until such a time your business requires that bit more information then upgrade to one of the other membership plans.

For the already experienced online marketers, bloggers or affiliates, the other plans should be something to consider, depending on what level of information you require.

Pro is a brilliant package and can unlock data that can have you leverage your earnings, but the full fat enterprise membership is the all you can eat subscription, it maybe a bit pricey but trust me their isn’t nothing on the market like this, so comparing it to other research tools is a waste of time.

It has been designed by people like you and myself and the user interface of this is outstanding compared with others on the market.

Its not just a research tool its a game changer!

Can you afford to be missing out? Try Jaaxy for free here!

Pro’s and Con’s of Jaaxy!

A review isn’t a review with out showing you the bitter with the sweet. Here it is on the table.


Jaaxy for me is a great research tool, it is one I use myself to its full potential and don’t how I could ever manage without it.

  • Very users friendly.
  • Brilliant interface.
  • It is constantly updated to keep it the most valuable keyword research tool on the market.
  • Can be used on all devices.
  • Doesn’t need to be downloaded.
  • Gives users all the valuable information needed to create a business, minus the crap.
  • Easy to find valuable keywords and untapped niches.
  • Calculates results within seconds.
  • Brilliant for checking website ranking and spying on competition.
  • 24/7 online support.
  • Is valuable for all level of marketers.
  • Options to pay yearly and save money, plus avoid monthly payment.
  • No additional costs from the monthly price plans.


Just to say that Jaaxy is constantly updating and looking at new ways to improve its service, the cons mentioned maybe being worked on as we speak.

  • Can not select different languages.
  • Other memberships plans can be a bit pricey for a newbie.


Jaaxy for me is one of the best if not the best on the market, please forgive my boldness, but I am so confident with this product. Keyword research tools don’t come better made than this one, with such a good user friendly interface, quick keyword data and extra tools to keep you ahead of the competition, no where has got this much on offer.

Simply try the product for FREE and see what you think, you have nothing to lose. I would love to here you feedback.


Sam Birch (

4 thoughts on “My Review of Jaaxy – A Keyword Research Tool.

  1. Simlulan

    Thanks to Jaxxy and WA, I had made the first referral for this month, which is the first achievement that I had in the WA after being a premium member for one month plus. It at least has given me some form of reassurance and this means that I would be an inch closer to the way of success. Thanks for sharing here and I appreciate your content here.

    1. Sam Birch Post author

      Great news Simlulan, hope you all the best of look in the future for your business.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Sam Birch

  2. Michael

    Thanks for the great review on this keyword tool Jaaxy, never heard of them before, I was looking for something that would be at a really low price, it’s great that at least you get 30 free searches so you can test it out to see how good it really is, thanks for sharing this

    1. Sam Birch Post author

      No problem Michael feel free to try this great keyword research tool out and see how it could benefit your online business. Thanks


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