The Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review – 2017

By | March 13, 2017

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I have seen a few things circulating around the web about Is wealthy affiliate a scam or not?”. Do people make a income from this platform and is it just anotherget rich quick scam?”andDo people really earn money from affiliate marketing.

Well lets start by telling you what Wealthy Affiliate is.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Affiliate Marketing platform which teaches the users how to create business from home online.

The users of this platform have access to training, free websites which they can create for their new business, a community on hand to help, live video classes, certification courses, classrooms, live webinars, website support, boot camp and more.

The platform was designed with the intention of training the novice of Affiliate Marketing and moulding them into a successful online entrepreneur.

 History of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate was introduced to internet in 2005 and now has over 800,000 users active on this platform.

Founders Kyle and Carson have already beenkyle and carson very successful within this industry and have put together a collection of training with a massive community to help out even the novice in the online world.

That in mind, there key when inventing wealthy affiliate was to put together training strategies used from their own success, downfalls and experience they encountered within the industry so people coming to the platform would thrive in the world of affiliate marketing.

Because this has been so successful, the platform is now known to many people as the home of affiliate marketing, the foundation of which any marketer will come to learn how to be a strong force within the industry.

To date this community is the largest within the affiliate world with no platform offering so much for so little, this being recognised for its honesty and due care to help people make a new career online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliates marketing is a good business because it requires no mess of a normal business situation, what I mean by this, their is no stock to order, no staff employee, no deliveries or stock taking, payroll or the other pain staking stuff that comes from running your own business.

Just requires a laptop and internet connection to make money.

Affiliates will use a website that they have created as the hub of their business.

Through this they will create pages of content promoting relevant products that they wish to sell.

Affiliates can literally sell anything and tend to sell to their strengths, such as a hobby, for example, running, you could promote products such as running shoes, sports wear, writing reviews or informative information on particular products.

affiliate marketing stratergies

What do I mean by promoting, as I said affiliates don’t order stock or handle the goods, so how do they make money from promoting. In this industry there are literally hundreds and thousands of affiliate programs for affiliate marketers to sign up for to promote products through their website.

Example, Amazon affiliates is one of the biggest affiliate programs out, as they sell almost EVERYTHING.

A affiliate could join the Amazon program, get a link for a product they want to promote, this link will be registered to them, the affiliate will incorporate into their site, if the users clicks the link on their site then gets took to a page on amazon and buys it, then the affiliate makes a commission on that sale.

Now days with the hype of social media, this is becoming another big way for affiliates to promote products away from their website and attract new visitors to their products.

To learn more about affiliate marketing click here.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Good Place to Start or is it a Scam?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? No! Why? Because its the birthplace for most affiliate marketers starting out these days. Anybody who knows anything about this industry knows how good Wealthy Affiliate IS!

Look at the end of the day when you have a community that is over 800,000 strong soon to be nearly a million and you have them on hand 24/7 everyday, always ready to help one another, success is the only thing that is going to happen.

The training has been created by millionaires in the industry, online entrepreneurs, making more than a living from behind their LAPTOPS, training created in such a way that your not overwhelmed, in well developed bite size chunks, stages that can have you earning while you are learning.

Remember over 800,000 members, how could this be a scam, if it was, the genius behind this mastermind would have pulled off the biggest scam of all time fooling this many people.

The reason it isn’t because when joining this program people know they have landed on their feet, this is why their is such a vast community on board and making every new comer feel part of it to.

This is the reason I’m writing this review to send the word out that this is no scam but the best thing you could possible stumble across in your lifetime, ignoring it would be making a fool of yourself.

Look a may be banging on about this, but where is the proof you say, here –

wealthy affiliate success

wealthy affiliate success 2

wealthy affiliate success 3All these screen shots took from members blogs spilling the beans how they are making money for the rest of the community to see. No where gets access to such knowledge from experts in this game.

How does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

With out a doubt Wealthy affiliate has the basis of training covered, if your new to game, familiar with the industry or a expert, their will be something for everyone to learn here.

If this is new to you then here’s what on offer at Wealth Affiliate with the free starter membership

  • 2 free WordPress websites for you to make in your chosen Niche.
  • Beginner training courses.
  • Your own personnel affiliate blog.
  • Affiliate bootcamp training.
  • Video walk-throughs.
  • Keyword research tools.
  • Training classrooms.
  • Affiliate program.
  • Earn while you learn.
  • 7 days of one-on-one coaching & much more!how wealthy affiliate works

I know when trying something new, especially online, people are sceptical, scared of getting burnt or ripped off, trust me I have been their myself many of times.

You need to evaluate your situation, whey the pro’s against the con’s.

The pros here are this isn’t going to cost you anything to get started, if you don’t like what you see or this isn’t for you, simply walk away, you HAVE NOT lost a thing.

The cons, if you walk away from wealthy affiliate the only thing wasted will be be lost time, but trust me it wont be wasted here, not when you have just invested in your own future and we have the community to make it shine.

Why not see for yourself here.

For the people already in the game, how can Wealthy affiliate benefit for you?

There is a premium membership on offer, yes this costs money, but the cost is not what you might think, for this endless amount of access and support, plus expert training and tips to leverage your earnings, you would be looking at THOUSANDS anywhere else. Here at Wealthy Affiliate $49 a MONTH!

Best bit is you can promote wealthy affiliate, and as a premium member can see up to 50% commissions on each sale. Yes starter members can also promote Wealthy Affiliate with healthy commissions but not the same as the premium member’s.


The community on board gives you the biggest resource to get instant website feedback, site comments the membership also coming with web analysis and 24/7 site support. Try it out here.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work and are People Happy to be Apart of it?

As I said before Wealthy Affiliate IS NOT a scam, its the most honest, bullshit free way to start a career online. In this niche (how to make money) there are tonnes of thousands of scam artists waiting to take your money, vultures that prey on the weak.

Here I want to give something back, I know I can sleep at night because I am promoting something that people will benefit from, helping people succeed goals in their life.

Do you want to work at home, here where it starts, do you want to dictate how much you want to get paid and when you get paid, then here’s were it starts, do you want to take a holiday when you want without having to ask then sign up for free here and make it HAPPEN!

Look people here at Wealthy Affiliate are happy and stay because it WORKS and its the most legitimate affiliate training on the market.

Here are a few people’s thoughts that I took screenshots from wealthy affiliate members blogs.


wealthy affilite testominal 2 wealthy affiliate testominals wealthy affiliate testominals 3


If anyone tells you that this is a scam they are either know nothing about wealthy affiliate or purposing trying to tarnish the name because they are trying to compete for the same people, but here we only need to show people the path, you make your own mind up.


6 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review – 2017

  1. Eric Cantu

    I was thrown off by the title at first, but you are definitely a supporter! I was researching another actual scam and saw your post and came in to defend WA lol!

    I personally found WA by accident a couple months back and I haven’t looked back. The training is unmatched and they deliver.

    Best of luck to your continued success!

    1. Sam Birch Post author

      Yes I know, the title intended to capture the uncertain audience and tell them the truth about this really amazing platform, if I where to see the title from someone else I would be jumping into defend it as well. But that is thing with this community that where in, where all in it together, nothing but a legitimate training platform for people start from, once you have found something so honest as wealthy affiliate it becomes are given nature to defend it, as it helping out so many people.

      Thanks Eric your comment backs up my post.

  2. Peter

    Hi Sam
    Awesome review of Wealthy Affiliates and why it’s not a scam.

    You have given props to all of the major points as to why this is the best online training school one can find on the planet. I really haven’t been able to find all this training, help and support anywhere else. Have you?
    The fact that they have a live chat program to jump on when you get stuck to me, is worth the monthly fee.
    You can certainly search and try out other online learning tools but I think you will eventually end up back at Wealthy Affiliate. If you are willing to work hard good things will happen.
    Thanks for this, really well done.

  3. Brandon

    Great review on the Wealthy Affiliate my friend. I like your description of affiliate marketing. The benefits that you mentioned caught my eye the most, for the simple fact that there is absolutely no stock involved, no customer service and no staff either!

    It’s great to see the owners of Wealthy Affiliate on this review as well, as nobody wants to join a system when they don’t even know who’s working behind the scenes, am I correct?

    Great article, very well done. Cheers!

    1. Sam Birch Post author

      Correct Brandon, you need to put a face to the name sometimes, like Kyle says “people are visual by nature”.

      Thanks Brandon.


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