What is the Best Way to Make Money Online?

ways to make money online

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There are hundreds of money making ways to give your self a little extra cash or a full time income, here I will list a variety of ways you can create a little extra income or a main money stream!

Firstly though I want to take this time to give the readers of this page a heads up, what to watch out for when searching the criteria on the web “best ways to make money online“.

Their are endless scammers and vultures waiting to prey on the not so fortunate, people a bit short of money, and are willing to take the last bit of their cash for and give nothing in return.

here are few bullet points of what to watch out for-

  • If it sound to good to be true it is!
  • The promise of thousands made over night with very little effort.
  • Money making formulas that can make you rich while you sleep.
  • Offers that are open to you but for a limited time only!
  • Screen shots of 6 figure bank accounts with big money deposits being made day by day.
If this sounds familiar then stay clear, here I will list a few legitimate ways you can earn money through the web, from extra cash to full time incomes!

Paid Survey & Web Searches

Firstly paid surveys consists of signing up to a company such as, opinionoutpost, mysurvey, e4s, these sites get offers from companies wanting their users to complete online surveys for a small fee!PAID SURVEYS

How it works for yourself the user is, they will ask you to signup to their site, giving a username and password to create a account to access the site, to this account the company will up load paid surveys stating how much the survey is worth, approximately how long it will take, it is then up to the user to take this offer.

From this your money will add up the more surveys that are completed and this can be paid into a Paypal or check through the post.

Paid web searches works on the user using their devices as normal to shop online whether it be their mobile, laptop or tablet.

The user simply downloads software to their device and when using the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to shop the software acts as a personnel shopping and saving companion which prompts the users with offers, if the offer is took the users is rewarded with money or discounts. If using the internet you might as well get PAID FOR IT!

Stock & Shares

Now days you can trade on the financial markets without being a licenced stock trader working for a financial company. There are many trading platforms you can chose from if you want to go at it alone from companies such as, Plus 500.

If you don’t know how the stock markets works it requires an up front investment which, if you are going to go at it alone you want to research the stock market first, looking at certain stocks/shares or commodities, looking for trends in the share prices, upwards or downward trends, what is in the pipeline for the companies or market how it can effect them financially, this being just a few key to factors to look out for which can effect the share price!

Stock market

Once the research is done and there is confidence in your stock you will know if you want to buy or short the stock. Buy is simply to invest in the stock if the share price becomes greater than what you bought it for then you are making money. Short is the opposite, you are investing in the stock to fall from the initial share price, the more it falls the more money you make. Simple!

If you don’t want to go at it alone and are not confident with your own judgment of the stock market, you can chose a broker to pick the stocks for you, this will obviously include a fee, whether it be percentage of profit or up front amount, but also do your research on brokers as their are far to many scammers!

Finally if you don’t have a big enough initial investment to put down or you want to see bigger returns in your money, you could look at penny stocks, penny stock are stocks that have a value of less than one dollar, this is a very unpredictable market, but get it RIGHT, can see big returns on your investment as the share prices can rise and fall very quickly!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is more of a online business without getting your hands dirty. The affiliate simply creates a website, blog page or even a social media account and will divert their users to different sites from their page to buy a product. The links that the user clicks are linked to the affiliate, if the users buys something from the page from the link, the affiliate will see a commission from this.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is it requires no up front cost, you don’t have to buy in a stock to sell, or worry about shipping goods, simple attract the customers and make the commission without any mess!

Although it does require a bit of effort to get your website up, ranked within google to get customers, find the correct training ect, but once this is done this can be more than a full time income, plus it can be done from the comfort of your OWN HOME!

Finally watch out in this industry also since the rise of the internet this has become a big pool for scammers, charging stupid money for training that comes in stages, make you think you need to buy the next training package, to learn the next stage to become a guru of affiliate marketing, only to realise to late you have been scammed.

A trusted training platform from myself is Wealthy Affiliate, free signup, free training. NOTHING TO LOSE!

starter mebership



To be honest its quiet simple to make money through Ebay, its a basic online auction, but its how you go about it that can be the difference between making money or just a few pence.

Their are lots of people running a profitable business through Ebay, these people are called powersellers, catergorised from Gold, Platinum, and Titanium, Gold sellers maybe making upto a hundred sales a year, from the titanium/platinum making thousands of sales per year.


Starting out on Ebay can all be dependent on your budget, if you have one. £500 to £1000 budget you can see a good stock or items to start out, but its brainstorming that stock/items and finding what will make you money, such as items like, used phones, tablets, sound bars, gadgets, drones even to alloy wheels.

Research your stock before buying into it, you want to make a good profit or there is no point, I would be looking towards at least the 50% mark. Even if you are making a healthy margin, you need to know you have good large audience to sell to or you will be sat on your items for to long.

If you don’t have a budget or just have a small one sell unwanted items round the house, or start out buying cheaper items off Ebay to sell on at a good profit to get off the mark. If you don’t have a understanding of what items are worth there are websites that specialise in this area that are used by many Ebay powersellers, websites such as Terapeak.

Terapeak is brilliant research tool for your product, giving you a understanding of the competition within Ebay, how much the product is worth, packed with many other features for powersellers to get ahead of their rivals.

Finally being a good seller on Ebay is gaining trust from the customer, customers want sellers with good ratings and feedback, also they want good product description with good quality images, this letting the buyer know what he or her is getting for their money. Being honest, informative, and responsive should lead to good FEEDBACK, which in turn will lead to customers.

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